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Debt Consolidation Loan-How does it help you?

Are you in debt?
You seem to be discussing more about issues related to debts, credit score, credit counseling, and debt relief these days. And all of a sudden these words have occupied an important place in your life. You are probably in debt and want to get out of the situation; you can try out a debt consolidation loan that can help you get out of the mess. You may not have messed up your finances intentionally. There are many unforeseen circumstances that make our finances go haywire and we have to succumb to such pressures. You are not alone. Millions of consumers are sailing in the same boat as you are. It should give you some solace.

Debt relief affects credit score
Coming back to debt help, we know that the credit crunch has left us with very few options unless you have been able to keep your credit report unscathed. It is a well known fact that each and every monetary movement or financial transaction you make gets recorded in your credit report. Selecting the right debt relief option also affects your credit report greatly.

If you have multiple debt accounts and if these debt accounts attract different interest rates, debt consolidation can be a good option to become debt free. Debt consolidation is an option that is widely accepted by many debtors and it has yielded good results. Not only that, if you are opting for debt consolidation, it has a positive effect on your credit score too.

You are said to consolidate your debts when you merge all your debts into a single debt account and treat it as one. Debt consolidation can be done through a debt consolidation program and also with the help of a debt consolidation loan. While debt consolidation program will work out a repayment schedule that will enable you to pay off your debts in a convenient manner, with a debt consolidation loan, you can become debt free in a single payment.

How can a debt consolidation loan help you?
When you avail a debt consolidation loan, you can use collateral if you so desire. You can also avail a debt consolidation loan without using collateral. In the former case, it will be known as a secured debt consolidation loan and in the latter case it will be known as unsecured debt consolidation loan.

How much do you pay as interest?
If you are opting for a debt consolidation loan that is secured, the creditors usually charge a lower rate of interest. However, if you donít use collateral, the interest rate is quite high. The main reason is if you are not using collateral, the creditor is at a risk of losing his money. So, the higher interest rate is a safety net. On the other hand, if you have opted for a secured debt consolidation loan and you fail to make payments, the creditor takes away your collateral.

When you consolidate your debts with the help of a loan, you take a loan that is equal to the outstanding balances of all your debts taken together. You pay off your creditors in one go. Thereafter, you are required to make payments to one creditor only.