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Asset Protection Courses
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CWPP & CAPP Courses

Asset Protection 10 Session Seminar

Asset Protection 30 Week Courses

Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection Planning for Everyone

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Wealth Preservation Modules

Become A Certified
Wealth Preservation Planner
CWPP™ and Certified Asset Protection Specialist - CAPP™ Designations and Asset Protection Corporation have provided both professional lawyers, tax accountants, asset protection specialist with Asset protection training for years.


Courses include the basic online video training course ( that you can purchase and access immediately), 12 week Asset Protection Course.


If you would like to further your training, through a special arrangement with The Wealth Preservation Institute and Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP, CAPP, we can provide you with the following courses:


You can take these course programs as a professional ( receiving certification ) or if you simply wish to complete the program as a layman or someone simply at learning and absorbing the information, you can pay a reduced fee for the Non-Certification program.


Interested in only specific courses? We can accomodate you as well. We offer each of the courses on an individual basis at special pricing via our online store.


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