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Hereditary and Diplomatic Title Scam

The famous American showman, P.T. Barnum, said "There's a sucker born every minute." It's a pity, but Mr. Barnum was right. And it's especially true for a number of people who, thinking that they can avoid paying federal taxes, have fallen victim to the following scam.

There has been an increase of agencies who are marketing diplomatic and hereditary titles with the assertion that having such a title will enable the purchaser to be forever free from paying federal taxes, because having such a title will give them immunity. This is false, because if you are a U.S. citizen, you have to pay taxes no matter what kind of title you hold.

Now, in some countries in europe (the UK, Germany and France come to mind), you can legally purchase a heriditary title (such as Baron of Westminster, Graf Von Wiesburg, Doge of Sienna, etc.) A similiar scam is gents in from various african nations, such a Nigeria or Liberia, will offer to sell you Diplomatic titles (such as Minister without portfolio, Consular advisor, Knight of Malta, etc.). These agents claim that having diplomatic immunity includes making you exempt from paying taxes. Once again, this is a blatant lie! Having a title, diplomatic or hereditary, does not make you exempt from paying taxes!

The only "perk" you might received using a hereditary title is possible preferential treatment for dinner reservations in a five star resturant, but that's about all. This also applies for diplomatic titles. If you somehow managed to acquire a diplomatic license plate, you may not have to worry about getting ticketed. But that's all you would get.

A few years ago, having a title would, at the most, help you get through U.S. Customs a little quicker, but that has since changed. Owners of these "titles" so abused them that, now, every government agency has cracked down on them. Worse still, if you attempt to use hereditary or diplomatic title in order to attempt to ease your way through U.S. customs, and it's obvious that you are a U.S. citizen, you'll probably be watched a lot more closely than the average tourist.

THESE TITLES ARE WORTHLESS! It can't be stressed highly enough that, although they're great if you're want to try to impress someone, they aren't much good for anything else. And, they're too costly besides (the cost to purchase such a title starts at $25,000). Having titles draws unecessary attention to you, causes you headaches, and they benefit you nothing.