My husband and I were about to engage in contract with a Manhattan, NY attorney, who was willing to provide his services for asset protection for a Grand Fee of $30,000. His intentions did not seem to be in our best interest and we were confused as to why we needed a Dynasty trust, especially, when we were just starting out. Obviously, we were being lead in the wrong direction. We needed to find answers to the many questions we had and find the appropriate direction to take in order to achieve our goals.

We were confused.

We subsequently called The Wealth Preservation Institute, which lead us to ordering the C.A.L.M. Level 1 form for $495. The memo we received in response to the C.A.L.M. Level 1 was incredible. It outlined everything we needed to do, when we needed to establish our plan, how to execute our plan to attain estate and asset/wealth preservation for our family, and why we needed to follow the C.A.L.M. level 1 memo advice. The memo to the C.A.L.M. Level 1 was a map that gave us straight answers, direction and purpose about forming our portfolio. Both my husband and I agree this is THE BEST $495 we�ve ever spent.

There are many people like me, who are seeking the right asset and wealth management advisor. I consider myself lucky to have discovered Mr. Roccy DeFrancesco and �The Wealth Preservation Institute.�

I can only guess that Mr. Roccy DeFrancesco is putting it mildly when he said, �Your ignorance is being taken advantage of.� My choice is to be rudely awakened by Roccy�s blunt words, rather than be eloquently swindled by egregious and unscrupulous advisors.

With great respect and appreciation,