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Our Mission is Asset Protection and Helping
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Asset protection and wealth preservation go beyond frivolous lawsuits and divorce. We are in a global economy and your assets are at risk from many areas: A downturn in the housing market, devalued currency, poor economic conditions, trade sanctions, government�s intervention, foreign markets, a downturn in stock markets, interest rates and real estate, just to name a few.

The tools we use to help you in your quest will vary depending on your circumstances. Some of your planning may include an asset protection trust, family limited partnerships, LLC�s, estate tax planning, domestic and international trusts. We do not limit the planning to any one strategy; however we do limit ourselves to tax compliant, legitimate time-tested business and asset protection structures.

"We are a group of professionals and specialists in the area of asset protection, estate planning and wealth preservation. We hold a strong belief that there are many ways your assets are at risk. The most obvious is the threat from litigation, the ever-present lawsuit lottery. If you�re perceived as having wealth, you will be a target."

- Robert Lambert, Founder

Our job is to help you build and implement a tax compliant strategy that fits your life-long needs. Your plan can encompass your business, your homes, and your personal life. Your estate, including your generational wealth, as well as your philanthropic and succession planning can also be considered. We start out with the premise that all options are on the table and then develop a strategy that meets with your goals in this ever-changing global environment.

We also serve to educate you on the latest in asset protection planning. Our founder, Rob Lambert, a former law professor, believes that the education of our clients is as important as implementation of a well-crafted plan.

We will continue to span the globe to give you the most up-to-date, tax compliant strategies. We truly leave no stone unturned in our quest to help you protect what matters to you. Please have a happy, healthy and wealthy protected life.

Much Success,

Rob Lambert
Founder - Trust Makers
Featured in Several National Syndications


It is a simple fact that nine out of ten lawsuits filed and litigated in the world occur in the US. If you have assets, you are most likely a target. When your assets are visible, you are the bull�s-eye. You and your belongings are what litigators refer to as �deep pockets.� Even if you create a stealth lifestyle, your assets are discoverable by a motivated creditor.

The core goal of protecting your assets is to set up your business affairs in such a way that raises the bar for the professional takers. This separates you and your assets in legal obligation, but not in beneficial enjoyment. Your Plan is in essence a proactive step in performing self-help tort reform. You in fact will control your assets and your life, instead of the courts.

At Trustmakers we use legal time tested strategies to help you protect your assets. We are also mindful that each person�s situation is unique. We start out with the premises that all asset protection options are available on the table. As we delve into the details of your business and personal affairs to discover your vulnerability, we will employ the best possible solution in a cost effective tax compliant manner.

Your solution could be a combination of trusts, family limited partnerships, insurance, LLC�s, or many other various tools in the toolbox. Be aware that the toolbox is filled with many options when the financial seas are calm and that once your assets are financially challenged or in duress, these options become limited.

The most important benefit of implementing a plan today is very simply getting a good nights rest knowing that what you have inherited and earned is really yours to keep.



Form 8938, Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets, (“Form 8938”) is a new reporting form. Form 8938 will be used to report certain foreign financial assets as required as part of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (“HIRE Act”), which was signed into law on March 18, 2010 by President Obama.

Form 8938 is effective for 2011 and future tax years. Read on...


US tax authorities have initiated a new voluntary disclosure program for US taxpayers with foreign accounts on January 9, 2012. The IRS also noted some interesting statistics regarding its previous two foreign account voluntary disclosure programs as well as its audit programs. Among the more notable statistics, the U.S:

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