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Medicaid Planning

Never has there been a more important time in history than NOW to protect your assets!

  • Are you prepared for the inevitable long term care (LTC) expenses that await you in retirement? 
  • Did you know that over 50% of Americans will need LTC at some point in their lives? 
  • Are you protected from these expenses?

Are you avoiding the subject of long term care and Medicaid?

  • Did you know that if you do not have LTC insurance that there are only two ways to pay for your LTC expenses in retirement. 

1) out of your own pocket. 
2) Governmental assistance.

The majority of people will look for governmental assistance on the basis that they have paid into the government system as a requirement of being a US citizen.

  • However, did you know that you may have to spend down your assets to $2,000 in order to receive aid? 

Medicaid Planning
Would you rather plan now to preserver your assets for yourself or heirs or not plan and give virtually all of your countable assets to the government in order to receive aid?

In an effort to help educate the public on the LTC dilemma, we have put together a FREE Medicaid Help Alert you can download and read.  This alert will educate you on the problems that await you and provide insight into the minefield that are the regulations you have to navigate in order to qualify for financial aid for LTC expenses in retirement.

To download this free Alert, please click here. Coming Soon

Timing is critical
Most people do not know the law changed in 2006 when the Deficit Reduction Act was implemented.
Most people today think that they will simply give their assets away to their heirs and that doing so will quality them for financial aid for LTC expenses. This is wrong! 

There is a five year look back for gifts made.  This means that before you are able to qualify for governmental assistance for your LTC expenses, the government will look back five years to see if you have made any gifts (like cash or other assets to your heirs).  If you have, you will have the value of those gifts counted against you for aid purposes.  The value of the gifts are applied to the aid you would have received and you may end up waiting 5-years before being able to  receive financial aid. 
For many people this will be financially devastating for millions of Americans and their heirs.

Get help now
The best time to implement a “Medicaid plan” is five years or more before you anticipate needing financial assistance to pay for your LTC expenses.  The problem is that you can guess, but don’t really know if when you will need assistance.

If you would like to talk with a trained advisor (trained by the Medicaid Planning Coach), please click here to fill out a form and someone will contact you to setup phone consultation.

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