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Why You Need Asset Protection
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Why You Need Asset Protection

Anyone with unprotected assets can be targeted for an attack by financial predators, each armed with a contingent fee lawyer.

If you run your own business, if you have stocks and bonds or real estate, if you are in the public eye as a celebrity or even known in small circles as someone who is "doing well," you are already in a financial predator's gun sites.

As a business owner or a licensed professional, you have a one in three chance of being sued next year. This epidemic of law suits is only getting worse with more than 100,000 law school graduates being unleashed each year: each with a license to sue and many without a decent job, this is more lawyers than Japan or China have for their entire country.

So why do I need it now?

The reality is that any of these common life events could happen today and can leave you penniless:


-A negligence or injury claim, justified or not, exceeding any insurance coverage you may have.

-Lawsuits from disgruntled business partners or employees.

-Claims from creditors should your business fail.

-Breach of contract through no fault of your own.

-Catastrophic medical bills.

As you can see, none of these events are caused by dangerous or even self-destructive behavior; they happen everyday to average citizens that do not do anything illegal or ethically incorrect.

While Trustmakers can’t stop you from being sued we dramatically reduce the financial incentive to litigate. The bottom line is that these contingent fee litigators sue for money. If they cannot take your protected assets you are a much smaller target. We greatly reduce your financial exposure to them.

Even though you can’t take it with you: you can make very certain nobody takes it from you while you’re still here.

Until now asset protection was something that only the wealthy could afford. Small businesses and individuals often lost their businesses and were left penniless after attack from a financial predator.

The sad truth is that there was no affordable, rock-solid program to help protect a person…until now.

Trustmakers provides technology which create a fortress around your protected assets.

The important reality is you need to be proactive and start while the financial seas are calm since solid asset protection cannot be safely and effectively implemented if the wolves are already at the door.

"Simple: Nine of out of ten lawsuits filed in the world are filed in the United States.

Our legal system is out of control. You cannot trust our legal system to protect you; so, you must do it yourself. Fortunately, we have the tools."

To learn more about how you can use asset protection to protect your wealth, we'd like to give you our free asset protection course.

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