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Building and Implementing Your Plan

Now that you know we can help you and you have agreed to the process and implementation, we can go to work building you a solid asset protection plan. We will first quote you a fixed fee. We accept checks, ACH's, or wire transfers. Our goal is to give you a legal, ethical, affordable solution to your asset protection needs.

Asset Protection Plan Online Application

Privacy is one of the ultimate challenges we have today in our society. For this reason the data we collect at this stage is generic and kept to a minimum. We only collect enough information so that we can evaluate your options.

Once we review this data we will contact you to outline and discuss your asset protection options. Once we jointly decide on a course of action we will quote a fixed fee for the planning. If you decide not to hire us you owe us nothing.

If you decide to retain Trustmakers to prepare your plan all recommendations and documents will be reviewed and approved by a licensed and insured attorney who is available for consultation as part of the Trustmakers team. The fee and scope of work will be outlined in a simple retainer agreement.

To identify your asset protection options it is helpful if we have the following generic information and have a simple understanding of what your goals and future plans are. For now here are the basic necessities. We will be contacting you by phone with follow-up questions.