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Here's What People Are Saying About Trustmakers Asset Protection Services, Education and Newsletters

Dear Mr. Lambert;

Greetings. I have been receiving your weekly e-letter for a few months now and I enjoy it very much. While all of your writers are good, you in particular are exceptional because of the topics you specifically cover as well as the philosophical basis you write them on. You write about asset protection and how one should approach it exactly as I think it should be done. The best example of this is your current e-letter dated 11/09/2007. By the time I finished reading the third paragraph I could no longer contain myself from writing you to let you know I have decided you (and your firm) are on the "same page" as I am regarding asset protection.

In particular, the third sentence, "All decent Asset Protection structures work because of the legal machinery...", and the fourth sentence, "...based on stealth or secrecy." The last sentence in the third paragraph summed it up, "If the only people who need to know about a particular offshore account are yourself, your tax advisors, and our friends at the IRS, keep it that way". Thus my decision to write you.

I will be in contact with your office after the first of the year to arrange an appointment to begin discussions with you to begin the establishment of my own offshore Asset Protection vehicle with the intent of it being permanent for the rest of my life. I am 54 years of age, never married, no dependents, and no legal action(s) pending or even on the horizon. The next few months will witness the life-changing event of "retiring" after 30 years in the Chicago trading industry, and when it occurs I want to insure my "retirement" is secure in all respects and follows the letter of the law.

Thanks for a great e-letter and especially a big thanks for the one dated 11/09/2007, for it is this one that finally compelled me to write you. I look forward to meeting you in a couple of months.

Yours truly,

Jeff Daugherity
Berwyn, IL

I read and reread the materials at least twice a week until it all sank in. The sad thing is, some people will read your lessons, say it is great, and then do absolutely nothing. Others will feel that since they are getting it without having to fork over hundreds of dollars, it isn't worth anything. If you charged them $500 per piece of information, maybe they would take it more seriously. I think people who had been victims of fraudulent lawsuits will respond more receptively to your lessons...people like me. I always try to stay one step ahead of everything.
Thanks again! - Henry

Let me say first of all that I'm a fan of your ideas, your style, and your books. I have fully surveyed the field of asset protection information, and Rob Lambert is the Dalai Lama and Pope rolled into one. Period. End of story. No one else comes close.

So here's my feedback, limited as it is by my experience. My wife and I are comfortable but not wealthy; programmers who once spent $30,000 on a strike suit that was brought to harass us, and was dropped two days prior to trial. Hence my interest in asset protection, but I have to build my own protection through "sweat equity" instead of hiring attorneys to do it for me. The engineer in me likes building things, and wants to understand all the components and how they work. Once again: THANK YOU!!!! ROB. I have read two of your books and the material in them is topnotch! You are the man! - Walt B.

Mr. Lambert,

I just wanted to write and tell you that I found the ten-lesson mini course to be "reader friendly." There is no fluff, just the essential basics, with plenty of examples to illustrate certain points. The reader is the recipient of knowledge that has taken you years of legal research and experience to gain. Armed with this knowledge, the reader will now know how vulnerable his/her assets are without a good asset protection plan. The course is a real eye opener! Thank you very much for your Asset Protection course! Very informative and I agree that AP planning is like a "financial FLAK jacket." It won't stop a bullet, but it will protect you from shrapnel. Better to wear one and not need it than to be hit and not have one!" Thank you very much once again. - Henry S.

Dear Rob,

Thank you so much for making it possible to learn in your short courses the important steps to asset protection. (Other information on the subject is so extensive and complicated and yours is in plain language and to the point) I am thankful for such good advice. - Marg.N.

I have enjoyed the information immensely and came away with a lot of insight into the importance of a quality asset protection plan I intend to take your advice and initiate a comprehensive plan in the near future. Thanks again for the course. - Frank H.

I thought the courses you offered were very informative (and are much appreciated).
When I am ready to set this up I will call you. Thank you!!!!! - Chris

Thank you for the course. Although I have a graduate degree in Commerce, it was only after the course that I realized how much isn't taught about protecting your assets.

It has certainly helped me to start developing an asset protection plan and in good time too, considering that I have just started in my accumulation of assets. It never occurred to me that all that I am working so hard for could merely be taken away in an instant especially if it isn't protected! Thank you Robert. This has undoubtedly been the one course in all my years of studying that has high practicality and multiple benefits.
-Regards, Denzile R.

Unbelievable that you would share such valuable information in a succinct, comprehensive, and easily readable fashion. Excellent and very much appreciated. Good work as usual. Thanks for sharing. Very few professionals would be as generous. - Bob P.


As you may recall, we have talked a number of times in the recent past about APP. I finished your course and thought that it was a good primer for a layman or even an attorney such as myself who does not specialize in APP as part of his or her practice. In fact, I just passed the course information on to two of my partners who have inquired about APP for some of our clients. We may be getting in touch with you to see if you might be interested in being retained as our special counsel to work on a matter for an entity (NOT an individual) that would like to put certain funds beyond the reach of future creditors, if APP with an APT is "doable" for an entity in the same way that it is for an individual. Have a good day, and don't let your guard down. - J. S. LLP

Rob, I did find the course very useful and informative. I think they serve to distinguish you as an expert in your field. Furthermore, as a high net worth individual, it is important to gain enough information to feel educated about the topic - this served that purpose. Thanks - Tom

Rob, I did find the course useful. I saved all of the lessons in the event I have a client with such planning needs. I will also think of you. My practice focuses on seniors and people with assets of less than a million dollars. Thank you for making the information available.
Regards, Bruce F., Esq.

Good evening, and thank you for the mini course in asset protection. I think it was well presented for the lay people. Not too technical, easy to understand the majority of information presented.
Thanks! - Iva-Lue M.

Rob: As usual, your information (the min-course) was enlightening, informative, and entertaining. The thing that I found most enlightening is about the control issue with a "foreign trust." The control issue, in lesson #9 of the min-course, of a "foreign trust" with a "foreign trustee" is the most important bit of information that I got out of the entire course. Thanks much for the min-course. - Don B.

Quick Compliments Regarding Our Books and Courses

-- Very eye opening. Well worth the time to read and follow. I thank you for this window opening. -Walter K.

-- Yes indeed, very helpful. I did get good information from it. Thanks. - M. G., M.D.
The course was very easy to understand, straightforward and complete. Thank you very much! - Kristine G, Ph.D.

-- Thanks for the course, it was very helpful and something to refer to for some time to come. Thanks -David

-- Rob, I did gain insight from the mini-course. Thank you. In the months ahead I will be in contact relative to working together. Kindest Regards, - Steve S.

-- Thanks for generous sharing--comprehensive and well written. Thank you. - R. E. P.

-- I went from knowing very little to (at the very least) having a solid basic knowledge of what is entailed. I appreciate it and hope to put it to use soon. - K. T.

-- I appreciate the content of your online courses. You are one amazing guy, giving information and help to those you don't even know. You've revived a tradition of knowledge sharing that is too scarce today. Thanks again! - W. B.

-- The information in your book and course was good and separated the hype from reality. I would like to find out if you can help me set up a plan. Is there a questionnaire to fill out, how much is the cost, and do you assist in implementation. Thanks - F. N.

-- Needless to say, I was very impressed. The writing was concise and left little room for interpretation. I enjoyed them thoroughly and learned quite a bit, sensing you're an honest person and quite knowledgeable in these matters. When the opportunity emerges, I will be sure to contact you. Again, thanks very much for your information. - Steven L.

-- Your course was great on the fundamentals and very informative. Your knowledge in this area is amazing! I have run into a lot of people purporting to be experts in the field of asset protection, but using the information learned from you, I realized that they were just promoters of a scheme that would lead to trouble. - D.R.

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