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About Our Firm

We are an assemblage of experienced professionals and specialists in the area of asset protection and wealth preservation. We hold a strong belief and affirm daily through our domestic and global clients that many risks threaten your assets. The most obvious threat is from litigation. Our practice has taught us that the biggest creditor is generally the one that is unknown and, quite possibly, the one who likely does not exist until a later time; this creditor is the one you do not know, yet.

The opportunity for the brightest future of your wealth is what is at stake. Our position is to remove the vulnerability from the sudden downturns of the stock market, improperly implemented estate planning, and taxation that may have a negative affect on your net worth.

We believe that our clients should educate themselves on the idea of wealth preservation and wealth accumulation and we offer instruction and information through our site, through newsletters and quality educational products. Our mantra: Know what your advisors know. Founder Rob Lambert, former law professor, strongly believes that well educated clients build and maintain more wealth for their families and future generations than their less informed counterparts maintain.

We offer Asset Protection Services to clients on a global basis. Our focus is on clients wanting to protect and pass on their nest egg. Your local council and advisors are involved in every step, collaborating to complete a secure situation for your estate, your pensions and your business.

Our objective is the execution of secure and legal trusts, business and corporate structures in a tax compliant manner in conjunction with succession planning tools that give you the maximum wealth and protection. This we guarantee to all of our clients in all classes, businesses and all walks of life.

Our Core focus:

Tax compliance - Asset Protection - Wealth Preservation

We can help you in most instances with all jurisdictions.