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In our global economy, your financial heath can be threatened in unsuspected ways and from unsuspected places. Geopolitical events are now causing economic inconsistencies that were not present in years past. While frivolous lawsuits are still an ongoing concern and can quickly wipe out your nest egg, downturns in the stock market, divorce, partner disputes, and the like, can devastate your life and well-being.

Trustmakers's attempts to gather a Group of Professionals who are the very best in their respective fields of expertise. As medicine has become specialized, so has law, and its accompanying practitioners. This is true of all the professions where your estate and wealth preservation are concerned. We liken Asset Protection to a very skilled, specific surgery. You need to know where your client stands, what malady they may have, and what the specific treatment may need.

As we advocate, Asset Protection is never a one-size-fits-all plan, but rather an analysis of very keen practitioners. With that said, consider how many other doctors, nurses and assistants support a skilled surgeon and how may skilled people it takes to pull off a successful surgery. This should give you an indication of how many good solid specialists are needed for a well engineered Wealth Preservation and Asset Protection Plan.

Our relationships span the globe to give you the very best personnel, professionals or companies that will fit your needs. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to help you implement time-tested tax compliant strategies that will hold up over your lifetime and beyond.

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Founder, Author and Lecturer Robert W. Lambert, JD, LLM

Robert W. Lambert - Current Articles

TrustMakersMr. Lambert has a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics (summa cum laude) from Claremont McKenna College (1972); a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of California (1975) where he was Editor of the Law Review and President of the Moot Court Honor Board; and a Masters of Law (taxation and international) from New York University School of Law (1976), where he received the Schwid award and Hertzfeld fellowship. He was an Assistant Professor in the Masters of Taxation program at the University of Southern California (1978-1984). He has been invited to become a Permanent Contributing Author to DEBTOR CREDITOR LAW. He currently is President of Asset Protection Corporation and is completing his Doctor of Juridical Science dissertation at New York University School of Law emphasizing asset protection techniques.